Heath Miller

In essence, the work provided by One Step Splicing & Labour is about my CV. The contractor work that our company does is often mission-critical to projects or installations, and a vital need for removals or change-outs.

For over twenty years now, I have been involved in the conveyor and belt splicing industry. The majority of my experience is in the mining industry, which specifically involves coal, gold and iron ore mining. More experiences include work on ports, quarries, loading facilities and, more recently, tunneling for road and rail.

My hands-on experience includes managing, supervising, and leading crews on varied active projects and shutdowns. All of it involved my working from start to finish, without fail. In some cases, I have shared roles with other supervisors, leading hands and site coordinators.

Background Details

I first became involved in the conveyor industry not long after leaving school, working for a company called “MECO McCallum Fabrication”, where I was involved in the manufacture of idlers and idler frames. At this early stage I also worked on a contract recall with Continental ACE. I was working on a conveyor system which had previously been installed — all idlers were recalled and I was required to assist with the process of individually inspecting each idler and refurbishing those that did not meet standards. I went on to complete a second contract with this company, this time as a TA on the structural instillation of the northeast trunk conveyor at Oakey Creek underground coal mine. This honed the skills and interest needed to progress in my chosen field.

More recent experience has seen me work in many large shutdowns and major mine installations and construction projects. The work I did was typically at coordinator levels or above. From this, I have earned a reputation for competence, ability and the skill to work well with fellow employees. I’ve found that many companies or their customers have specifically requested for me to handle work on their conveyors. To date, I have been involved in the coordination of many large shutdowns, major installations, and projects including:

  • The complete fitment of conveyor belt at Cloud Break mine in WA
  • The complete fitment of a tube belt and all other conveyor systems in Hidden Valley gold mine, Papua New Guinea
  • Extensive tours at port headland BHP loading facility where I was a supervisor on the maintenance contracts responsible for many conveyor change-outs
  • And the instillation, extension, and removal of conveyor belt at the North West Rail Link, Nth Connex and Sydney Metro tunneling projects.

From my experience, I have formulated a system for quicker, more efficient conveyor systems services which I have dubbed One Step Splicing & Labour.

Core Skills And Tickets

My core capabilities are focused on all facets of steel cord and ply belt splicing. It normally takes several years to master this highly specialised trade. Its entire process revolves around:

  • Scoping the details, fitments and specs of any one job at hand
  • Coordinating these details into a workable plan of action
  • Executing the plan on the installation or change-out process, whether small or large

The physical part of the trade is about many kinds of conveyor belt installation tools, including jacks, elevator bolts, belt fasteners and the like. The work is typically hands-on, with some mechanical or gadget assistance, and about principles for conveyor belt splicing formulas, trimming, jointing and/or hot joint procedures, belt finger splices, and more.

All these must be done and handled with care, and I have developed a completel competence in working unsupervised on jobs requiring specialist technical skills for them. In addition, I have often been picked to supervise others in the trade I have now fairly mastered well.

These have also lead to the decision to set up One Step Splicing & Labour for vital services to companies, installations or projects which need urgent and expert contractor work for their conveyor systems.

Tickets held

  • Overhead crane
  • Dogger and Intermediate rigger
  • Forklift and Telehandler
  • Work at heights


Left school after completing year 11

Work history

1992 – 1995

Various jobs including: Groundskeeper/Gardener, Forklift Operator Storeman, Motor Mechanic, fabricator with “MECO McCallum Fabrication” and a labourer/TA with “Continental ACE”

1995 – 1996

Conveyor Equipment Services

1996 – 1999

Austbelt Mackay (now known as Valley Longwall International)

1999 – to current

Apex Belting Mackay (now Fenner-Dunlop) with which I’m currently stationed at Fenner-Dunlop Wollongong as Supervisor/ Coordinator

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