The conveyor belt industry is among the most forward-looking of industries, and this is evidenced by various forecasts and conveyor management trends. One example is in how motion-design and online configuration software are expected to extend throughput, while conveyors system now have features impossible ten years ago, like explosion proofing and higher and faster load-bearing capabilities.

Many services are now delivered through turnkey contract solutions. This is a trend on the management end that is quite at ease with advanced trends in operations and installations.

With turnkey solutions, you can expect to have the following:

  1. Better and more compact automation — the range of robotics employed in conveyors provide amazing value and are being improved all the time. These can give your conveyors multi-zone channels and switch modes for more flexible work systems. 
  2. Smarter materials — these include more responsive materials and greener ones at that. These can deliver or enable better control, advanced safety, and more work for any conveyor system.
  3. Better flexibility and work definition — the flexible workhorses of industry, conveyors today are better defined as to purpose, and this is inclusive of flexibility which provides more work or process solutions in any one system.
  4. Smarter control — these are delivered by intelligent motors who track and provide data for controllers as well as automatically adjust elements like speed, channelling and task.
  5. More compact hardware and footprints — the industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift towards green or environmentally-friendly solutions represented by compact hardware that gives out ever-smaller carbon and space footprints.

Opportunity and Growth in Conveyor Management Trends

A simple snapshot can give you an idea about how fast the market for conveyors is growing, especially in the Asia Pacific. Mordor Intelligence provides us with this market growth forecast from 2019-2025:

Conveyor Management Trends

According to Mordor’s report, the following factors are affecting conveyor belt market growth:

  1. The price of rubber and fabric material used for conveyors.
  2. The explosive growth of e-commerce and resulting materials handling solutions. 
  3. Technology. 
  4. The dominance of mining needs.

Emerging companies can now set up their conveyor systems more handily and at a fraction of costs from five years earlier. Miniaturisation of controls and automation provides versatile products that can do more at a faster pace. 

Conveyor Management Service

One Step Splicing & Labour has kept up with all developments in the conveyor industry and markets, especially in the Asia Pacific region that includes Australia. Our country, of course, is a world leader in mining development, inclusive of conveyor systems, the use of which remains central to mining operations.

While market growth requires advanced solutions for tech and materials, there are also ageing but still useful conveyors out in the many mining regions of Australia as well as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. These ageing systems are the most in need of maintenance or repairs, and upgrades. Here is where One Step Splicing will stand any company in good stead. 

Also, we can give you at the very least relevant details of any advances in tech, if not practical and applicable solutions related to your conveyors. Let us help you scope and analyse your systems and then deliver the most efficient and lasting conveyor solutions such as belt splicing & consultation. Contact us today to get these solutions at more affordable price.