How often do conveyors need belt splicing work done?  A practical answer would be: As often as you need to. Management would like this to be a predictable thing and conveyor belt firms address this by testing their products and providing reasonably predictable service lives for belts, their maximum pressure and load capacities, ideal usage and the like. 

A conveyor belt needs splicing work done when:

  1. It is being set up for a new conveyor system.
  2. When it needs to be lengthened or shortened.
  3. When it has to be reconfigured for a new task or work.
  4. When it needs to be transferred to a new location.
  5. When rips or damage occurs on the belt.
  6. Shutouts are needed.
  7. When load capacities need to be changed.
  8. When it needs to have pressure capacity improved.

There may be other times the work needs to be done, depending on your installation needs. 

Conveyor Management Creates Predictable Belt Splicing Work

A well-run conveyor system actually has less need for belt splicing work after an intensive project to set it up. The work includes combinations of belt splicing techniques, testing, load allowances for flexibility, and more. Also, the owner of the system usually plans and consults their experts beforehand.

An onsite audit is also done before the system is activated for work. The audit will run tests and will have to have conveyors running, test loads conveyed and other items that will ensure that the system will work smoothly. There should be a minimum period in which the management is assured that no belt splicing need be done. 

Safety and professionalism will also add to conveyor health. That means that no unnecessary damage occurs on the system when running. Damage cannot be prevented, but it with good management, it can be a long time before any damage is seen on the belts. The healthy belt life is the key factor here, after which comes concerns with a belt in long-term use. This always turns up damage from time to time.

Get Experts To Help

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