Companies Served

The conveyor belt splicing trade is a vital to companies using a conveyor belt system. I have been involved in both regular employment on projects, installations and removals for conveyors. In fifteen years as a journeyman working out of Mackay (with extensive tours to Western Australia, south Australia and Papua New Guinea), I have virtually seen it all in terms of work or human factors and intangibles, whether as a regular employee or a contractor in belt splicing and related trades. From 2010 onwards my experience was rounded out at Fenner Dunlop and has taken my expertise beyond the specific job of belt splicing into the general perspective of conveyor belt solutions for diverse industries.

conveyor belt system

The companies I’ve worked for are either in mining, loading facilities, ports, quarries or construction. Many required conveyor belt systems in their infrastructure, an essential automation feature which cuts down on work time, operational costs, and ups the efficiency of their working systems. Some of them are household names whose logos or brands are instantly recognisable to many Australians.


Full on service for companies in sectors like mining for instance integrates expertise and hands-on experience. Employees are chosen for physical ability, mental compatibility, culture fit and the skill to deliver what is needed in exact specifications on time, all the time in the long term. Below are the companies I worked for as a regular

  • Fenner Dunlop – this company went through many changes, including its name, logo and ownership. It was bought by Michelin in 2018. This is where I realised mastery in my craft when the company started relying on my work to fulfill contracts for important clients.
  • Austbelt – a great company that provides bulk handling, mining and conveyor equipment for a range of industries in Australia.
  • Conveyor Equipment Services – worked on systems and products for conveyors with this firm. Systems included inclined, flat, modular and sidewall types of conveyors.
  • Convertech – this company provides specialist tools and products for conveyors as well as other types of industrial and manufacturing systems.
  • Boom Logistics – an industrial machinery provider, this firm provides excellent lift solutions with scale and precision. Here, I fully used the tickets I hold for forklift telehandler and overhead cranes.


As I gained experience, regular employers utilised my skills for service contracts to a variety of client projects. While I worked on many projects, below are some of the most important or memorable projects I was involved in for conveyor belt system work.

  • BHP – a leading global producer of metals and minerals, its Australian operations practises the same practises integrity and responsibility to the environment in overall missions. I worked as fill in Supervisor for its Port Hedland conveyor maintenance under contract from Fenner Dunlop.
  • BMA – I worked for this BHP subsidiary as a Supervisor of multiple conveyor change-outs for shutdowns at its Peak Downs and Bowen Basin coal mining operations.
  • South32 – employed as Supervisor in multiple finger splices for South32 and Peabody (Wollongong) locations for this mining company known for its sustainable development programs.
  • Boral – this leading construction company employed me as Supervisor on installation and multiple change-outs of three vertical sandwich conveyors at North Connex Tunnels under Pennant Hills Rd. Also Supervisor on installation, extensions, belt removals and booster installs at the North West Rail Link section of the Sydney Metro tunnels.
  • Holcim – worked on conveyor facilities on quarry operations for this globally recognised cement manufacturer.
  • Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group – worked on conveyors for quarries with this leading building and construction materials and services supplier.
  • Bell Banne – a Fenner Dunlop subsidiary focused on conveyor belt installs, I took time out from my regular Fenner Dunlop job to work in a specialised installation crew for the firm.
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