Heath Miller

A level 3 splicer/supervisor with a determined can do attitude, a high standard of workmanship and a strong commitment to safety

During the years I was employed in my trade, I gained the capacity to be placed in any position in a conveyor belt splicing crew.

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    I’ve been splicing since 1995 to the present. 15 of those years were spent working out of Mackay with extensive tours to WA, SA and PnG. Since 2010, I've been working in and from Wollongong. I have also completed jobs at many UG and surface coal and hard rock mines, large and small quarries. I supervised many of the installations, extensions and belt removals for the road and rail tunnels in Sydney.

    Leading hand splicer on the installation of a tube belt at Hidden Valley Gold mine in PnG.

    Supervisor of multiple conveyor change outs at shutdowns for Peak Downs and other coal mines in the Bowen Basin.

    Supervised the installation and multiple change outs of 3 vertical sandwich conveyors at North Connex Tunnels under Pennant Hills Rd.

    Shared Leading hand role for the installation, splicing and commissioning of belts during construction at Cloud Break FMG.

    Multiple tours as a fill in Supervisor at BHP Port Hedland conveyor maintenance contract for Fenner Dunlop

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    Supervised the installation, extensions, removal of belts and booster installs at NthWest Rail Link and Sydney Metro tunnels.

    Supervised multiple ply finger spices at South32 and Peabody mines in the Wollongong region including pre-constructing the top and bottom panels prior to the splice date.



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    one step splicing overhead crane work


    Trained and met all standards for heavy duty overhead crane handling in several operational forms. An important skill set to be certified for in the belt splicing trade for flexibility and lateral work.

    one step splicing and labour dogger and intermediate

    Dogger and
    Intermediate rigger

    Applied techniques in slinging for cranes, inspecting and selecting lifting gear of all kinds, and for directing hoists or crane operators for unseen loads.

    one step splicing and labour forklift telehandler

    and Telehandler

    Qualification for versatile forklift and telehandler. Capable of handling machine in various capacities and fittings, like jibs, platforms and regular tynes.

    one step splicing and labour work at heights

    at heights

    Safety certificate for working at heights rounds off my skill sets. Many conveyor systems require expert splicers to scale heights, either for removal of sections to be repaired or installations.